Quick Update

I got my dog, but I had to give her back because she was a biter. I’m in the process of looking for another one. In January I started working for a wine distribution company called Prestige. It’s pretty cool because our portfolio is incredible – just yesterday I got to taste several different wines that retail for around $200 a bottle.

Lots and lots of little things have been happening, and a few incredibly huge things. It would take me forever to go into detail about it all. The short version is that the past several months have been both good and bad. I made some incredibly stupid decisions, but also some good ones. The best thing that’s happened is that the Lord has finally opened up my eyes to a few things about my life that I was blind to. I am so far from perfect, but with this new perspective, I can finally start making some positive changes.

I recommend a book called The Noticer. It’s not solely responsible for my turn around, but it does contain a lot of the wisdom that I was taught since the last time I updated. Someone much smarter than me wrote it.

Of course, there’s always the book of Proverbs. That one’s pretty good, too ;)



Hey, guys! Check out this dog breed. Lord willing, I’m going to get one on Thursday!!!

The View from Everest

Finding God’s Will

(Copied from Stand to Reason Blog)

Kevin DeYoung’s new book Just Do Something:  A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will is an impressive book in how it profoundly boils down a significant and tricky subject into a short, pithy handbook.  Regular STR readers will note that DeYoung’s take on the topic coincides with ours and Greg’s teaching “Decision Making & the Will of God.” This is an excellent book to give someone to open up a discussion on the topic, without overwhelming them with too much information at first.  It’s also helpful if you already agree with DeYoung’s take because his observations and practical advice are very wise.

Here is a sampling of DeYoung’s points from the “call-outs” in the book.  They’re clever and helpful “proverbs.”

Let’s not spiritualize our inability to make decisions in the quest to discover God’s will.

His way is not a crystal ball.  His way is wisdom.

We can stop pleading with God to show us the future (being) confident that He holds the future.

Anxiety is simply living out the future before it gets here.

God never assures us of health, success, or ease.  But He promises us something even better, to make us…humble like Christ.

Our attitude toward wisdom should be one of earnest longing.

The way of wisdom is a way of life.  And that makes you freer than you realize.

And this is an interesting observation:

Of the five reasons for our obssession with finding God’s will, this may be the most crucial:  We have too many choices.  I’m convinced that previous generations did not struggle like we do trying to discover God’s will because they didn’t have as many choices.  In many ways, our preoccupation with the will of God is a Western, middle-class phenomenon of the last fifty years….My hunch is that most of our obsession with knowing the will of God is due to the fact that we are overburdened with choice.

Something Awesome

Giant Mutant Bunnies


Happy Easter, everyone :)