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The View from Everest


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Alex Jones


Do any of you ever listen to this guy? I’ve heard a lot of people write him off as a conspiracy theorist and an alarmist, but some of what he says is actually believable. I don’t buy into everything on his website – to be honest, I only take about 25% of it seriously at most – but the parts that do sound legit are pretty interesting.

I HATE his stance on Israel, though, or at least the stance his website tends to promote. Sorry A.J., but I just can’t back anyone who makes Israel out to be the bad guy.

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Seriously? I’m Old?

Mom, Dad, you’re ancient. Sorry, but apparently, them’s the facts. According to this study, I AM AN OLD MAN. Which, by comparison, means you guys are like walking corpses!

Just kidding ;)

I’m approaching my 28th birthday, which means I’ve been a withered, dried up old coot for nearly a year. And you know, I guess I believe it. I have the habits of an old man. I even make old man noises when I sit down or get up from bed. I’ve got a paunch, finally, after holding a consistent weight of 145 lbs for most of my life. And I have to trim my nosehairs. How gross is that?

Well, whatever. I’ve always wanted to be a crazy old man. I guess now’s the time to start, right?


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the president’s schedule

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