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I got a new dog! He’s a blue heeler and his name is Charlie. My brother asked me why I picked the name Charlie, especially since I kind of wanted a futuristic post-apocalyptic nuclear sci-fi warrior name for my dog. He is the same breed that was featured in The Road Warrior, after all.

Well, first, I think Charlie is a good name for a dog of any modern or futuristic era. Charlie is a great name for a futuristic post-apocalyptic nuclear sci-fi warrior dog, because if you lived in a futuristic post-apocalyptic wasteland, you would want to name your dog something reminiscent of better days (unless you were a bad guy – then you would name your dog Blood or Ripper or Killface or something).

But besides that, I have some other reasons:
• Charles Xavier is the leader of the X-Men
• Charles Mingus is one of the greatest jazz players to have ever lived
• Willy Wonka is one of my favorite movies (the old one, not the new one)
• Charlie is the name of the star dog from All Dogs Go To Heaven
• Charlie is the name of a character from the Street Fighter series
• Names that end in the “ee” sound remind me of the words “happy” and “friendly”
There are other reasons, too, but the number one reason would be that it just seems to fit. I tried out all sorts of names, but when I called him Charlie, everything seemed right with the world.

Welcome to the family, Charlie!


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Quick Update

I got my dog, but I had to give her back because she was a biter. I’m in the process of looking for another one. In January I started working for a wine distribution company called Prestige. It’s pretty cool because our portfolio is incredible – just yesterday I got to taste several different wines that retail for around $200 a bottle.

Lots and lots of little things have been happening, and a few incredibly huge things. It would take me forever to go into detail about it all. The short version is that the past several months have been both good and bad. I made some incredibly stupid decisions, but also some good ones. The best thing that’s happened is that the Lord has finally opened up my eyes to a few things about my life that I was blind to. I am so far from perfect, but with this new perspective, I can finally start making some positive changes.

I recommend a book called The Noticer. It’s not solely responsible for my turn around, but it does contain a lot of the wisdom that I was taught since the last time I updated. Someone much smarter than me wrote it.

Of course, there’s always the book of Proverbs. That one’s pretty good, too ;)

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Several months ago I responded to one of the greatest casting calls to ever appear on craigslist. A Casey Jones fan film was being made in Austin, and they needed extras to play Foot Clan Ninjas.

In case you don’t remember, Casey Jones is the guy with all the hockey sticks that beats up thugs in the Ninja Turtles movies. Here’s a clip:

Time went by, and I never heard back about the movie. Then, about two weeks ago, I got an e-mail with the details of the shoot!

Needless to say, I was excited.

Josh Pruett and I both went. Here’s a picture. This one’s for you, Mel :) I’m the fat one on the right:


Here’s one of us without our masks on:


The best part of the night was when Michelangelo arrived. It was SO AWESOME! He looked real. The costume was having a few makeup problems, but since he was moving around a lot in all of his scenes, it didn’t matter. Here he is in all his epic glory:


You can see on his hands where it was messing up, but as these next pictures show, you won’t be able to tell in the final video. Check it out:



Doesn’t he look real?!? It was incredible – like being a kid again!

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Last Christmas, my friend Ben got me a raw pipe. Basically it is a pipe that has holes drilled in it, but is otherwise a solid chunk of wood. I’ve been carving on it for a while now, and finally its true form is beginning to emerge.

I’m going to make the spikes intertwine, and then I’m going to stain it several shades of red. I think the finished pipe will be awesome. So awesome, in fact, that it deserves a name:


This pipe once belonged to Vaprak, the god of ogres and trolls. It is said to grant its user immense strength. However, it also drives its user into a bloody rage, removing all ability to reason while on the battlefield.


+30 Attack
+15 Defense
+10 Evade
+15 Stamina
– 5 Speed

** Damage Reflect 10%
** Berserk (constant)

**Unusable by Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Chaotic Good Characters

Vaprak the Destroyer is the name of a diety from Dungeons & Dragons. He is the god of ogres and trolls. No, I’m not into the occult, I just thought the name suited the pipe perfectly :)

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I’m cleaning my apartment, and I thought I’d take time to clean up my blog as well. I’m removing the scoreboard page, since I don’t really do contests on here anymore. Here are the final scores:

  • Will – 47
  • Dave – 35
  • Daniel – 30
  • Tony McCallie – 20
  • probabilityzero – 10
  • Vance – 10
  • Jeff Jenkins – 7
  • Satire and Theology – 3

For old time’s sake, here’s a new version of the contest. Try to guess which superhero I’m thinking of based only on the colors below. I’ll give you a hint – it’s a Marvel character, and it’s not a villain. Good luck!


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