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The original Clash of the Titans was something I grew up on. I can remember actually being scared of the horrible claymation Medusa and laughing at the antics of the weird mechanical owl.

I’m sure the original movie was groundbreaking, but when I watch it now, I see a rather stale special effects movie with no real depth. Sadly, the remake doesn’t do much better.

The new Clash of the Titans is a step up from The Scorpion King, but not by much. It’s basically a bunch of one dimensional characters running around doing epic yet predictable things. There’s no real character development, and the parts that are supposed to be inspiring end up being emotionally flat. When I was watching this movie, I felt that same disappointment that came from watching Terminator Salvation. It was visually stimulating, but only mildly entertaining.

The visual effects really were good, though. Medusa was incredible, and the Kraken was impressive. The giant scorpions were okay, although I felt a little let down by how easily they were killed.

I probably won’t go see this movie again in theaters, but I’ll buy the DVD. It will make nice background noise while I play a card game or do something else that I actually care about.


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