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I’m in a rush this morning, so I’m going to review Watchmen. Briefly. And then I’m going to get to work.


1. Acting – exceptionally poor, especially from Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandius

2. Nudity – completely unnecessary and overdone


4. Length – seriously, this movie was boring


1. Visuals – awesome

2. Changed Ending from Comic – added to the strength of the story

3. Accurate representation of the comic – thought they did a good job at this


The End


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Seriously? I’m Old?

Mom, Dad, you’re ancient. Sorry, but apparently, them’s the facts. According to this study, I AM AN OLD MAN. Which, by comparison, means you guys are like walking corpses!

Just kidding ;)

I’m approaching my 28th birthday, which means I’ve been a withered, dried up old coot for nearly a year. And you know, I guess I believe it. I have the habits of an old man. I even make old man noises when I sit down or get up from bed. I’ve got a paunch, finally, after holding a consistent weight of 145 lbs for most of my life. And I have to trim my nosehairs. How gross is that?

Well, whatever. I’ve always wanted to be a crazy old man. I guess now’s the time to start, right?


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Today I went with Josh to meet a friend at a coin-op arcade downtown. It was SO FUN!

Back in the day, I was an arcade junkie. My job in high school was right next to an arcade, so I was in there before shifts, after shifts, and during my break. Marvel Vs Capcom – I owned that machine. Anybody cared to step up to the plate, they were gonna be losin’ quarters… FAST.

Then came college, and the corresponding “lack of money / lack of a good arcade” combo. Computer games and X-Box stole my attention away. I can’t say I’m too disappointed, since arcades are EXPENSIVE… but every once in a while, it’s nice to revisit those experiences.

There is nothing like being in a coin-op. Everywhere you turn you see a sweet game you wish you could play. Every few minutes you hear someone go, “OOOOOOOOOOOH!” in victory, or, more often, defeat. I have to admit, I miss the unspoken social codes and key phrases like, “I’ve got next.” But most of all, I miss the fear of having a total stranger step up to challenge you, and the thrill of totally kicking his butt.

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Obviously in this post I’m going to talk about two things. The first topic is: THE FOOT CLAN.

Several months ago, while surfing craigslist, I found a casting call for a movie being filmed here in Austin. The movie is a spin off from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It follows a character called Casey Jones as he battles through hoards of Foot Clan ninjas. The call was for anyone who wanted to be an extra in the film… as a ninja.

Umm, YES, SIGN ME UP! I e-mailed Polaris Banks (the casting director, and also the most awesomely named person in the world) and told him I was in. He was all for it, so now, tomorrow night, I WILL BE IMMORTALIZED ON FILM AS A POWERFUL NINJA WARRIOR!!!

Now, a brief message to all you mushy Facebook couples:


You know who you are. You leave absurd posts on each other’s walls, like, “I love you baby, can’t believe I get to sleep with you,” or, “You’re the hottest person in the world.” Those comments are mild compared to some of the stuff I watch married friends write back and forth to each other.

Look, it’s okay to say those things to your spouse. That’s fine. But what are you trying to prove by slobbering it all over Facebook? It’s a PUBLIC FORUM. If you’re writing all that stuff on Facebook, it’s not because you want your lover to see it, it’s because you want EVERYONE ELSE to see it.

The intimacy of marriage isn’t something to go flaunting around in front of everyone. It’s supposed to be sacred and private. If you’re irreverently sloshing your affection around publicly, then I would bet money you’ve got marital problems.

Shut up and go fix your relationship. Step one might be to bring your affection back into a private setting. PROTECT IT.

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Very Brief Update


Hey everybody!

So yes, I’ve been gone for quite some time. Lots of things have been happening, most of which I won’t go into detail about at the moment. The main things you need to know are that I’m living in Austin, TX, and it’s awesome. I’m working as a salesman for a fine wine distribution company, which is really fun. I’m still pursuing creative expression, but on my own terms. In addition to personal projects, I do occasional jobs for local churches, and I’ve taken up painting.

Speaking of churches, I found one here that I like (finally). I had been going to Gateway, which was alright and well-intentioned, but it just wasn’t challenging at all. Then last Sunday I decided to try Calvary Chapel with my friend Alan, and it was great. I felt like I could really express myself to God during worship, and the pastor had a lot of challenging things to say (but not so challenging that a visitor would be completely clueless). I really liked it, and I can’t wait to go back.

As far as girls go, I’ve been on plenty of dates and have even kissed a girl or two since the last time I updated this, but none of it went anywhere and now I wish I had kept my lips to myself. If there’s one thing I’ve finally learned, it’s that a girl is way more fun if you respect her enough to keep even slight physical affection at bay until each of you has a ring on your finger.

Well, I have to go to work. Hopefully I can get this blog up and running again. I had forgotten just how fun it can be!

Not sure why I picked an image of Max. It just looks cool.

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