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I was having a retro morning and I remembered this beautiful game from my childhood. This was an awesome game. In the video above you can see my favorite stage. I love it because the level design is fantastic and the music is way ahead of its time.

This guy runs through the level pretty fast. I used to enjoy taking my time. It was so satisfying to kill each and every one of those flying aliens… Ah, memories.


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The Spirit (Artwork)

I have to say, as much as I love Frank Miller, I think The Spirit is going to suck. Style is great, but it can’t be the only thing that carries a movie. Frank Miller knows this – his stories are fantastic. The Dark Knight Returns is without question the best Batman story ever written. But The Spirit? Sorry… It just doesn’t do it for me.

The artwork, however, does. Man, what I wouldn’t give to have been the one who produced this poster.

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Order 66: Overpowered?

My good friend Joshua and I have discovered a new love lately: Star Wars Risk. But there’s a problem we’re starting to notice with the game: Order 66. Basically it allows one team to completely annihilate the other. You can’t call Order 66 until a certain number of turns have passed, though. I personally think it ads a fun element to the game, because the Republic has to try to beat the Separitists within a certain number of turns. Still – we’re thinking Order 66 may be too powerful. Look at the following examples. Here is the board just after Order 66 has been called (Joshua is blue and black, and has won two planets, whereas previously he only had one remaining planet on the board):

And here is the board after Order 66 has been finalized. Note how he has completely decimated my red and yellow armies in one move:

On the up side, it gives me a chance for an instant win, but really, if I don’t win in two turns, he will have so many reserve armies that there will be no chance for me to win. Therefore we both vote Yes, Order 66 is too powerful.

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The band I am not going to see :(


This is Ratatat. I was going to go see them on Wednesday but I’m not anymore. Sad. I have tickets for their show in Dallas but I don’t want to spend the money on gas. They’re playing in Austin, too – tomorrow night, at Stubb’s. But tickets are $20 and at this point I’m just like – let it go.

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Craig sent me this link to an incredible 8-Bit art show. These were my favorite pictures. For those of you who never played video games, the first is a picture of Link, with Ganon lurking in the background. Awesome. The second is a portrait of Pac-Man.

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If you haven’t upgraded to iTunes 8:


They included a new feature called Genius, and it’s blowing my mind. You just open up your music library, click on a song you like, and then click on the Genius button in the bottom right corner. It automatically creates a playlist of songs that sound like the song you selected. It’s like Pandora, but for your music library! And not only does it make a playlist of songs you already own, it also suggests new bands you might like from the iTunes store. A superb marketing move? Yes, and an incredibly useful tool for finding new music.

I love you, Apple. Curse you for your high prices – but I have to admit you are the most brilliant company on Earth.

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About this blog

Blogging is therapeutic, okay? It’s just an online journal. I usually only write in any kind of journal when I’m feeling exceptionally one way or the other. It’s a way to process emotion. So sometimes my posts on here are really super mega happy, and sometimes they’re really super mega sad, and sometimes they’re really super mega random. The point is they’re really super mega something, not just kinda something or partially something. So take whatever I say on this blog with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to my personal life. I like to exaggerate.

Please note that this information will appear permanently on this blog under the About tab at the top.

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