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Color IQ

I saw this in a recent post by a fellow blogger. I took the test and got a 4. The lower your score the better, so I’d say that’s pretty good!

Click here to take the test


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When I was at the beach with Micah, I was blessed by God. He had a copy of the East Indian action film Dhoom, with English subtitles, and we watched it, and we were in awe.

You guys, it’s an action movie musical. That’s right. There are no less than five songs throughout the whole film, and between them, guys are blowing each other up and doing aerial stunts on motorcycles.

What’s amazing about this movie though is that it’s actually good. The stunts are really good, the cinematography is great, and the acting… well, the acting is at least enough to keep you interested.

If you want to watch Dhoom, I have no idea how you’re going to do that. But if you manage to find a copy, I promise you, you’ll be laughing, but you’ll be riveted.

The image above is from Dhoom 2: Back in Action, but the video clip is from the original Dhoom.

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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while… what’s wrong with you? Just kidding. Actually if you’re one of those people, thank you for being cool. You probably already know then that I wrote a bad review of Operation Darkness whenever the demo came out on X-Box LIVE. Well, I’ve changed my mind.

There are a few games coming out for X-Box that look promising, but most of the games available at my local rental store are old and uninteresting or overplayed. So I got Operation Darkness, thinking, “Why did I write a bad review of this? I guess I’ll find out.”

Well, whatever my original complaints were, I’m willing to ignore them, because the game is fun. Of course, you’ll need to enjoy strategy games if you want to enjoy this one. But if you like chess or Axis and Allies, you’ll love this game.

The only thing I wish they would fix is the bloody camera. There’s no overall map view, and the camera controls are rubbish. But still, once you get used to it, it’s so much fun.

Brings back good memories :)

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I love the style of this video so much! I want to make a video like this. I actually wrote a few J-Pop songs that I’m waiting to have translated by a friend of mine. I could use an internet translating program I guess, but since I want to make a music video and put it on YouTube, I don’t want to accidentally sing the wrong words and have an entire country get mad at me O_o

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Would someone please tell me how I can get paid to come up with ridiculous ideas like this?

I just heard about a Japanese cartoon called Strike Witches. Here is the synopsis, and I swear to you, I’m not exaggerating:

In the year 1939, weird space alien things came out of the sky and blew up all the cities in the world. To fight the aliens, England invented new space-age brooms and gathered up all the witches of the world to pilot them against the enemy.


Can I PLEASE get a job like this? Where I can sit around all day and think, “What’s the stupidest thing I can come up with today? Let’s make a cartoon out of it!


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Knowing is Everything?

I really don’t like Nicholas Cage but this movie looks interesting. I’ll probably see it.

You know, I have a document kind of like that. It’s called the Book of Revelation. Check it out sometime!

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Wind Farms

I made it safely back to Austin yesterday, ending my amazing road trip. It was hard to leave, but the incredible view I had while driving made it a little more bearable. I didn’t have the right camera gear to take any Peter, Blaine, or Taylor style photos, but here’s at least a glimpse of how cool it was.

I’m leaving again today to go to the beach with some friends. See you Sunday.

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