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Okay, this is hilarious. So I quit my job at Spider House the other day, right? And my reasons were because I just couldn’t work the dish shift, and that’s all they had available. I didn’t really care about the work, it was the constant bending over. You can read my other post for more.

So anyway, I went in to work the shift on what was going to be my last night because I didn’t want to totally screw them. So I show up to work, and they’re like, “Can you train this new guy on everything you learned yesterday?” So I’m like, “Sure.” So I did, but since he was doing most of the dish work, I didn’t have tons of stuff to do, so I went around bussing tables and helping out the waiters and stuff.

THAT was actually fun, because I didn’t have to listen to that one cook’s angry music all day, and I got to be out interacting with people like I wanted to be. Then this one guy asked me to cover his bussing shift on Friday, so I was like, “Let me ask the manager if that’s okay.” We talked about it, and I actually enjoy working there, and I think they pretty much hold on to anybody who likes it since their turnover rate is HUGE, so she’s going to just let me work bussing shifts on weekends.

Not bad, I say! Th, Fri, and Sun night, and sometimes an afternoon on Sat. It’s not enough to pay the bills, but it’s so much fun, and it’s something to do. Eating out money, you know. I guess I’m still looking for a full time job, and I’m praying to God I get that job with NCsoft, but if I don’t, whatever. Maybe I can pick up a couple of part time jobs or something.

Oh man, NCsoft would be SO COOL… it’s the most professional game company I’ve ever encountered, seriously. Leagues beyond Rockstar. If I got that job, I would be a lifer at that company, or at least try to stay there for a long time. The people I met were awesome, the work is awesome, and there is TONS of room to grow. It’s very realistic to think that if I started working there, within 2-5 years, I could be a developer. Which would be AWESOME.

And they have a giant Gnoll statue in their lobby.


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10 Points Reveal

Congratulations! Took you guys long enough ;)

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10 Points: Okay, guys, I can’t believe nobody has at least guessed the actor yet. To me, the jaw line with the cigar is unmistakable. But apparently I stand alone, so here is a hint. It’s a sound clip from the movie: 10 Points Hint for May 28 2008

By the way, WordPress is supposed to put a cute little player in my blog every time I upload music, but it’s not working. I don’t know why. I guess the link will have to do for now.

Washing Dishes: To give you a little update, I recently got a job at Spider House, which is this really cool coffee shop / bar here in Austin. It’s one of my favorite places to go to relax, because the people are all awesome and the music is cool and you just can’t beat the atmosphere.

Yesterday I worked my first shift. This morning, I quit.

I have to say it again: I LOVE Spider House, and the people there are awesome. The employees are really cool and almost every person that goes in there genuinely looks like someone I’d love to be friends with.

I was going to start out washing dishes just for three weeks and then move up to being a waiter. It sounded alright, because I figure you have to pay your dues sometimes, and being a waiter there would be awesome. Besides, I’ve never washed dishes for a living before, and even though it sounds ‘lowly’ or whatever, a job’s a job, and my life is all about gathering up as many unique experiences as I can. I loved it growing up when I heard my dad say, “Oh, I did that once,” or, “Yeah, I had this life experience.”

So I figure, why not try it? It’s something to do at least. I’ve worked in restaurants before, and I know washing dishes is lame. But here’s the thing: All the restaurants I’ve worked at have had industrial dishwashers. You stick them in, hit go, sit down for a minute, pull them out, and put them up. No big deal.

At Spider House, all their dishes are done by hand. No dishwasher. That’s not really a big deal, except that it forces you to keep up a really fast pace so that nobody runs out of glasses and plates and stuff. That’s not even a big deal either, except for this: the surface level of the sink is below my hips.

I am really tall, you guys. To have to bend over without a break for six hours straight is torture. I literally could not stand up straight this morning.

(Plus the cook that I would be working with plays angry “f*** you” music really loud in the kitchen all the time, which is lame, but by itself that wouldn’t make me quit.)

So anyway, yeah. I worked my first shift last night, and called in this morning and told them I’m done. I figure if I’m going to wash dishes, I’m at least going to do it where I don’t have to bend over like that. I didn’t want to totally screw them, because I like it there and they are really short handed, so I’m probably going to work a shift again tonight and then that will be it.

Hopefully I can find a better job. Ugh. I don’t mind washing dishes – honestly, it was like splashing around in a bubble bath. But it’s hard work, and it doesn’t pay much.

I have an interview today with a company that I really want to work for. They make fantasy and sci-fi video games, and you’ve heard of a lot of them. I’m really, really hoping I get the job.

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You guys, I cannot describe to you how horribly bad the new Indiana Jones movie is.

I just went and saw it with my friend John. I was planning on going this weekend, but it was one of those spur of the moment things. Now I’m glad I did it, because this weekend when I’m with my parents I can go see something that’s actually good.

It’s not the comic strip qualities that made it bad. I’m used to the dramatic sound effects, car chases, and stunts. It’s Indiana Jones, of course it’s going to have that stuff!

It’s all the other crap. Rent it when it comes out on DVD and you’ll see what I’m talking about. When the core of the plot is finally revealed, you’re like… really? Did they really just go there? So many scenes in the movie are just absurd. I mean completely unbelievable even for Indiana Jones.

The whole movie is so full of plot holes and mistakes that I lost count. I will definitely NOT go see this again in theaters, and I really don’t care to own it, to be honest with you. I’ll stick to my original trilogy and hope that if I ignore this other mistake long enough, it will go away.

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Alright. Name the actor represented in the header image for 5 points. Guessing the character name is worth 3 points, and the movie title is worth 2. Will, you’re not allowed to guess until other people go first!

I wanted to post about Indy so I’m continuing this contest in a new post. Comment there with your answers.

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10 Points May 21

This is a good one. Guess the name of the person represented in the image header.

Okay, I am so tired of people guessing these on the first try (will)! Fine. I’m making you guys a hard one now.

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